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No.0118 -

[麿 紋]



It is the crest of "Maromon",designed in the image of an eagle.

No.0119 -

[富 士]



Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan with a height of 3776m. It has long been loved by Japanese people because of its beautiful figure, and also been an object of faith as a holy mountain. In pictures and art, the love and faith symbolized in Mt.Fuji have made it a very auspicious motif.

No.0123 -




A rabbit is one of familiar animals to our life,which appears in many fairy tales as a lovable character.The legend that rabbits live in the moon has come down to us from the ancient China.

No.0121 -




There is a story that only a carp that goes up the torrent of Hwang Ho becomes a dragon,and boys and samurai warriors were fascinated by such a challenging and rising carp.Many families put up carp streamers (flag of a carp ) for Boys Festival on May 5.

No.0120 -




In the days of samurai warriors,falconry was very popular,and because of its brave figure,a hawk was one of the samurai warriors‘ favorite pictures.


No.986 -




Swirl has been supposed to flick off vicious things from ancient times."Tomoe-mon"(triskelion), a family crest,is used as a god‘s crest in a number of shrines.

No.0227 -




From ancient times, a pair of butterflies have been loved as a symbol of peace. A butterfly has been also loved as a symbol of vitality as it flies about during spring and summer.

No.0124 -




A comb has been a lady‘s necessary.Especially in Edo era,It was an important accessory and an indispensable fashion item as an ornamental hairpin (Kanzashi) or bodkin (Kougai).

No.981 -



[A stag beetle]

Although a stag beetle is not a traditional design,the sight of boys catching beetles and making them fight against each other has been the unchanged summer scene.

No.982 -




For its nature of attacking and quickness,a dragonfly was called "kachimushi"(a win insect),and its picture was popular with men and boys.

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