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No.0435 - 10

[い ぬ]



A dog, which has been kept as a domestic animal since the Jomon Era (12000BC − 2400BC), comes into “Nihonshoki” and “Kojiki” and has been loved as a familiar animal. A dog is also familiar to us as a symbol of a prayer for a safe delivery”, a charm for children against evil, an amulet, a good-luck talisman, or a folk toy.


No.0014 - 10



[Pine Tree]

Pine trees, which are evergreen and never change color, are among the plants Japanese people enjoy the most, as they are known as auspicious omen representing longevity. They always accompany joyful events.


No.0123 - 10




A rabbit is one of familiar animals to our life,which apppears in many fairy tales as a lovable character.The legend that rabbits live in the moon has come down to us from the ancient China.


No.0015 - 01




Since Japan is surrounded by the sea, waves are familiar to Japanese people. The dynamic figure of the restless wave was loved by samurai warriors. Its shiny and delicate beauty has brought forth various design patterns.


No.0119 - 10

[富 士]



Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan with a height of 3776m. It has long been loved by Japanese people because of its beautiful figure, and also been an object of faith as a holy mountain. In pictures and art, the love and faith symbolized in Mt.Fuji have made it a very auspicious motif.


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